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WPZ Cell
WPZ Cell
WPM Model WaveplateWPM Model Waveplate

Waveplates use a phenomenon known as birefringence to alter the incoming laser beam polarization state. The most common waveplate uses are for turning linearly polarized light into circularly polarized light (quarter-wave plates), and to rotate the polarization plane of a linearly polarized source (half-wave plates).

II-VI manufactures both multiple order and zero order waveplates. Zero order waveplates have the dual advantage of being less sensitive to changes in operating temperature and input wavelength.


  • Converting linear to circular polarization
  • Rotating the polarization plane


  • High-power handling
  • Low-insertion loss
  • Apertures up to 1.0”
  • Visible transmission for easy alignment
  • Rotating mounts available


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