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Optical Fabrication Options

II-VI offers its infrared materials to customers who have their own optical manufacturing capability. Our ZnSe, ZnS, and ZnS MS are offered in a variety of shapes and configurations.


Sheet Material   Sufficient Material To Yield (SMTY)
Zinc Selenide Sheet Material   SMTY Material: measured with a template

Zinc Selenide Sheet Material

  SMTY Material: measured with a template
Materials can be ordered in sheet form by specifying the material’s length x width x thickness. The material will be supplied to -0.000” +0.200” (minimum) of length and width specified and to -0.000” +0.010” of the thickness specified.  

Material ordered in this manner will be provided in irregularly shaped configurations that have been measured with templates to ensure they will yield a predetermined quantity of specific diameters. The thickness provided will be greater than or equal to the customer’s specified thickness. It is important to take into account material removal amounts before specifying a SMTY thickness.


Core-Drilled Blanks Edged Blanks
Core-Drilled Blanks Edged Blanks
Core-Drilled Blanks Edged Blanks

Core-drilled blanks are supplied with the closest oversized diameters core-drill tool at least 0.080” greater than the diameter required by the customer. Core-drilled blanks have no bevels, edge chips will not exceed 0.030”, and thickness is held to +/-0.010”.


Circular, square or rectangular parts are specified with standard dimensional tolerances of +0.000/-0.005” and thickness to +/-0.010”. Bevels are specified, also.
Generated Curved Lens Blanks Surface Finishes
Generated Curved Lens Blanks II-VI Infrared offers the following surface finishes on ZnSe, ZnS, and ZnS MS blanks. Core-drilled blanks may contain any of the standard surface finishes unless otherwise specified.
  • As Generated (AG) -- Machined with a 220 grit wheel; produces a dull fine ground finish with generator marks still visible as viewed by the unaided eye. Requires additional grinding prior to further processing for an optical finish.
  • Fine Ground (FG) -- Mechanically lapped using a 15µm aluminum oxide slurry; a dull fine-ground finish free of scratches as viewed by the unaided eye.
  • View Polished (VP) -- Multi-stage mechanically polished with a transparent finish as viewed by the unaided eye; requires further processing for an optical finish. Used for inspection of internal quality cosmetics to guarantee the visual quality of the material.
Note: All ZnSe and ZnS MultiSpectral materials have been view polished to inspect internal quality, regardless of surface finish.
Generated Curved Lens Blanks
Blanks can be ordered with curves generated and edges beveled. Tolerances on radii depend upon the curve steepness in relation to diameter. Note: Customer may discuss tighter than the above stated tolerances and specifications with our technical sales staff.































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