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Fiber Optics

Photop Optics is a leading supplier for micro-optics and bulk optics for telecom, display, laser, and consumer products, as well as a foundation for Photop's vertical integration manufacturing. Photop Optics' micro-optics line serves optical communications. This includes micro lenses for collimating and laser coupling, micro prisms for managing light path and direction, crystal parts for light splitting and combination, waveplate and true-zero waveplate, and optical assembly, such as PBS, Etalon. Our micro-optics products are widely used in telecom compoents, such as 3-port component, optical switch, circulator, PBC (polarization beam combiner).

Photop Optics' bulk optics provides a broad portfolio of advanced optics, including lenses, prisms, filters, mirrors, windows, waveplates, beamsplitters for application in projection and display, LED engines, laser coupling, instrumentation, semiconductor, etc.

Our photonic crystal line grows and provides high quality laser crystal, nonlinear optical crystal, electro-optic crystal, birefringent crystal, and the corresponding crystal parts for application in laser media; OPO & OPA; laser modulation; laser beam splitting and combination.

Equiped with more than 30 sets advanced coating machines from Veeco, Leybold, Optorun, Korea, and China, Photop coating lines provide AR (antireflection), HR (high reflection),PR (partial reflection), and customed coating service for optical communication, laser, commercial and consumer products.
h as marking, engraving, and via hole drilling, Information on proper cleaning and handling of CO2 laser optics, Tutorials on choosing a focusing lens, polarization, and additional topics ... and more.

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