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A Global Leader in Engineered Materials and
Optoelectronic Components

Nearly 6500 employees on four different continents are manufacturing optics for our global customers. Since the foundation of II-VI Inc. in 1971 we continuously extended our product portfolio. We are proud to be able to offer our customers cutting edge quality at best rates. We offer an unmatched variety of IR/CO2 optics as well as optical components for a wide application and wavelength range from 300nm to 3┬Ám, using various optical materials and high performance coatings. We are world's largest manufacturer of Protective Windows for cutting and welding applications. Another manufacturing unit produces diode and DPSS laser modules, free beam as well as fiber coupled versions. II-VI MLA specializes in ultra-precision patterned 2D and 3D structures for the photonic, biomedical, mil-aerospace, semiconductor, and metrology industries. Major process capabilities include photolithography, electroforming, diamond milling, and calibration services.
Our products are used in various industrial fields like laser industry, medicine, image processing, telecommunications, metrology or car manufacturing. The top priority for all our products is the consistent quality and a constant just-in-time delivery to our customers. In Germany and neighboring countries this is cared for by the team of II-VI Germany GmbH

20.06.2018-21.06.2018: OptecNet Jahrestagung, Berlin, Deutschland
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