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Optical Systems Products

LightWorks Optical Systems, a subsidiary of II-VI, Inc., has locations in both Tustin and Murrieta, California. LightWorks Optical Systems designs, manufactures, assembles and tests precision optical systems and components. Our products have been deployed on military platforms such as submarines, tanks, missiles, fighter jets and UAV’s. LightWorks Optical Systems has grown over the years from a provider of specialty optical materials to a full service provider of optical components and optical systems.

Since its establishment in 1961, LightWorks Optical Systems has maintained a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is achieved by continuous training of our staff with focus on quality, on-time delivery, and cost reduction. From the initial customer inquiry to final delivery, meeting the customer's requirements is our primary objective.

LightWorks Optical Systems' contributions begin during a program's conceptual and production design phases. Engineering and pre-production models are developed during these phases with a focus on product performance and cost effectiveness. Through the life of the program, LightWorks Optical Systems' comprehensive capabilities provide full control over product quality, cost and schedule.

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